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Glenn Davison

Glenn Davison

‘As an artist I find myself traveling through a continuous journey of experimentation. Life experiences steer my outlook and this plays a massive role in the way I mold the subjects and meanings to my art forms. I find myself constantly adapting and evolving. Yesterday’s art was another memory from my time, tomorrows creations could be influenced by today’s thoughts.
I work in numerous mediums and use specific styles depending on my studies, ranging from abstract, impressionism, realism to surrealism.’

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Private Commissions

I undertake a finite number of commissions each year, to ensure I make each individual piece unique and give it the time it deserves.

My aim is to understand the ambiance and demeanor desired to create a work that reflects the brief with my artistic impression to make it one of a kind.

I utilize oil paints predominantly, as it allows a level of texture and depth. Additionally, I’m well versed with various other mediums if preferably desired.

For inquiries please message me where we can discuss your piece specifics and logistic details before a quotation.

Abstract Art of Abstracted Ideas 

Featured Events

During the pandemic, my catering business had to close.
Fortunately, this allowed me to inject extra time into creating art.
It’s funny how when a door closed for me, the extra energy I  put into my art opened new ones.
I was very lucky to gain a part in the new life drawing program on Channel 4 called Drawers off, which proved to be a great success after winning two of the episodes.
Further, into the pandemic to my astonishment, I received a call from Sky Arts television, who had selected me from thousands of entrants to have a position as a wild card on the show.
It was a great experience and I  really enjoyed the beautiful setting at the Eden Project in Cornwall.
As a big fan of the show, I was in my element and was very excited to meet the judges, host, and fellow contestants.
I was out of my comfort zone when the competition started as I’m not used to painting under the clock. However, this was a great learning curve as it allowed me to loosen up my brushstrokes and use a more impressionistic approach.

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Glenn made it down to the last 20 in the UK to be selected.

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99 World Artist Contest 2021

Ranked 17 in the UK

‘Drawers OFF’

Channel 4
1st March to 26th March 2021

Click on the image below to watch the TV Trailer.

My episode is 22nd March to 26th March 2021


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