Ferens Art Gallery 2010 ‘Maritime exhibition’ ~ Red Gallery 2010 ‘Study of Light’ ~ Hull Synagogue 2011 ‘Sea Life’ ~ York parliament street Performance Art ‘Manipulation’ ~ Ferens Art Gallery 2012 Open Exhibition ‘Sculpture and Painting’ ~ Hull College Department of Art 2012 Exhibition ‘Painting, Prints, memorabilia and Performance’ ~ Hull College High Street Studio’s 2012 Performance Art ‘The Big Boss Travelling Freak Show’~ Ferens Art Gallery 2103 Open Exhibition 'Paintings' ~A Bit of Slap & Tickle March 2014 at Hull Fruit Club~ Plus: A Bit of Slap & Tickle part two October 2014 at Fruit Club Apahub featured gallery: Whitton Apple Fest Winner & Runner-up 2015 & 2016. Apahub Hotel Poster winner.

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Mediums and Studies

Oils and Acrylic paint ~ Graffiti Art (Spray Paint) ~ Plaster, Clay, Wax, and Metal Sculpture ~ Screen Printing: Fully Qualified in Screen Printing, Colour mixing and technical print process problem shooting ~ Performance Art (Dadaist/Surrealism) ~ Self Employed Creative outdoor catering (over 7 years) ~ Cabaret Performer with ‘The Gherkins’

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Hull Daily Mail 06/02/2012

From a distance it looks like a tree laden with ripe, red fruit. Only when you step a little closer do you realise they are mouths that are hanging from the branches. Glenn Davison's Family Tree, a sculpture created from metal and plaster, is one of the 400 or so works being exhibited at this year's Ferens Open Exhibition. Occasionally surreal and invariably imaginative, the selected works have been created by both amateur and professional artists. Entries were submitted by 730 artists from locations across Yorkshire and Lincolnshire – which attracted more than 1,700 entries.

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Portfolio of recent works and background

Art has become a form of expression opposed to the old creating art for art sake. I have found exploration vital and stimulating, taking me through a journey I never knew existed. Through this experience, I feel a destination is never achievable anymore because my journey never stops, just moves, re-moulds or changes identity. My main medium of interest is paint but I have recently explored sculpture and performance art, which have helped me to demonstrate meaning on a much deeper level. Psychoanalysis theory, subconscious, consciousness, surrealism and Dadaism have become key words in my study. As an artist, I have expressed my emotions and frustrations associated with society as a subject matter within recent work. The selfish attitudes, prejudices, greed, dishonesty, corruptness, and the way people and organisations manipulate and abuse others to gain self-respect and personal achievement has all been laid bare. Part of me dislikes society and the savages it has created. However, I have found myself having to go against my principles to meet the need to survive and to be successful in achieving my goals and desired life style. When I look in the mirror, I now see another of the savages that I have grown to hate. My latest performance comprises of my alter ego ‘Big Boss Man’, a character suffocated and entrapped within society.