Glenn Davison | Words and Paintings

Title ‘Amsterdam Voyage’
Oils on canvas.
Finished 30/11/20

‘It was a time not so long ago,
We peddled the cobbled streets we so very know.

Enjoying the views
and the romantic hues with rain turning to snow.

Dad with two of his sons,
drinking coffee and eating buns
Biking from pub to pub and downing the local rums.

Amsterdam’s our favourite place to be, with posh hotels and steak for tea.

Although papa was not well, with the joy on his face you could not tell.

Just a memory, a shot taken in time,
A healing moment with no pain nor crime’.

Title: Resurrection
Oils on canvas

Winner of Art Exhibition Whitton, Lincolnshire.

Painting Description:

The horse, an example of one of our planets beautiful life forms symbolizes mother nature.

As time progresses our long term future and existence looks bleek. We live in a society filled with greed and self motivation.
We often live our lives in a manner that is oblivious to the destruction we cause.

The pedegree horse stands proud but not in its usual habitat, it looks backwards upon a new born forest rising like a phoenix from its ashes returning to its former glory.
Its stands in nature’s wild woodland symbolising the beauty of life, celabrating an optimistic view. We can make that change, we can return our planet to its glory.
The warm light glowing through the trees shows hope.
It’s a wholeome picture, I want the viewer to see the good things we can do, the beauty we can bring back and preserve.
In time of uncertainty and of course the pandemic which brings a doom and gloom outlook to us all. I believe the method of making that change is to give hope to people instead of the usual blame.

Title: The Meaning of Life and the Wizard Man’
Oils on canvas.

This oil painting comes with its own handwritten bible which is bound in leather and has an Engraved image of the tree of temptation.

The Painting is my journey and unraveling of the meaning of life. Understanding the magic of mother nature and theories about our success and failures during the process of evolution. Theories about human force and super spiritual powers that act as our control network.
There and many deep and meaningful depths and puzzles to this work.
Please click on the red button below to read a shortened version of the bible.

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